September 4, 2007

Dallas show TOMORROW!

hey everybody.
i hope you avoided most tasks of manual labor on this labor day.
rsb enjoyed a few days off but we're really excited about tomorrow's show in DALLAS.
we'll be at the village church, 7pm and tickets are available online at and at the door.
of course our songwriting pal, Brandon Heath, will be with us again.

If you live in Dallas, have friends in Dallas or have ever heard of the metroplex at all - help us spread the word about wednesday's show.

blessings and hope to see you all at some point during this fall tour,

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Chad Oneil said...

Just wanted to say that I love your "Song of Hope"!

Recently heard it on the radio down here in central Florida. I got a mix CD at "Night of Joy" this past weekend and your song was on it (as I'm sure you're very aware of). Hope to see you guys in concert down here in Florida soon.