July 27, 2007

a trip to the dentist

i've just returned from the dentist.
i have a great dentist.
dr. cutbirth.
he's been causing me great pain in the gums and teeth region for 16 years of my life.
today was all about taking an old filling out and putting a new one in its place.
it was necessary, according to the good doc, to give me a fat shot in the roof of my mouth.this is not good.
for a skinny white kid with a low pain tolerance, this is not good.
but i'm pushing past the pain with a new filling and outlook on life.
if i can do it, no matter what you're going through, you can as well. (i sound like zig ziglar today - my apologies to the unmotivated of the world)

now to the business of the day.
we've got a new song on the ol myspace starting today, "CANT GO BACK".

i hope you're enjoying the new songs each week.
we'd love to ask for your help in growing our rsb
myspace community.
consider spreading the word for us as we build up to release date on aug 28.

thanks, as always, for your support of this band and music.the personal friendships we have with a lot of you mean a great deal.

with sentiment and half of my face numbed beyond movement,

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