August 15, 2007


free RSBwhat's free in life?

not much. maybe - airlukewarm coffee when i get my oil change

this great country of ours

1 bottle rocket when i buy 8

but music?well, all of us here in rsb land have conspired to bring you two free songs from the upcoming album "GIVE YOURSELF AWAY"visit download the free musictell your friends and and mark your calendars for the release date - AUG 28th

we love you all!



Keith Sizemore said...


Keith Sizemore here (used to go to your dad's church) Thanks for the free songs. Hope to see you in Atlanta Oct 1. Later.

ashdown said...

bro -just got the 2 new tunes. excited for the record. we made it safely to sacramento - miss ya man-

JESUSchick said...

Hey RSB! thanks so much for the free songs. they ROCK!! luv u guys!