August 8, 2007

diapers and family

I'm changing diapers again. I'm not looking for extra credit.

Robbie and Ryan do it all the time. I've moved to Dallas and my wife's little niece, Sophie, requires these changes from time to time. It's been a little while since I've changed a diaper. All my nieces and nephews are grown. You might say it's like riding a bike, or falling of a horse, you just get right back on that diaper and.......... wait, once you learn, you never forget. That's the one.

Anyway, my sister-in-law has MS. for those of you that don't know about that, it's a disease that attacks your muscles and nerves. One day your fine, the next day you lose all feeling down your left side, and you need a cane to walk. It's been tough to see my beautiful sister-in-law go through that much change overnight. [literally overnight] but it's been a beautiful thing to see her family kick in to action. One Grandmother watches her one day, the next day the other Grandma takes her to school. Then the opposite Grandpa pickes her up. Then Uncle Dan comes down and she's terrified. [actually she got over that pretty quick]

God's first line of support for us is our family. It's so important. But fear not if that hasn't been the best thing for some of you, because there is a community of friends as well that chip in when things get tough. I hope and pray that for all who read this.Here's to changing diapers, Lord knows he's changed mine often enough.


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