August 2, 2007

butterfly killer

my daughter eliana loves butterflies.
today is her 3rd birthday.
naturally, we thought a trip to the local museum would be a good fit given their world renown butterfly exhibit.
the day began well with a stop at lupe tortilla, our favorite restaurant on this lovely planet of ours. so far so good.

well, it went south very quickly.

at the museum, with hundreds of butterflies swarming around the rain forest, my daughter was completly terrified.
as she's dodging these amazing little creatures huddled in the corner, the real drama was unfolding up ahead.
my wife Liz and son Ethan have apparently trampled and killed a harmless butterfly.yeah, killed!!

now, we don't have all the details and i am presuming them innocent until proven otherwise, but i have my suspicions.
i believe my wife's size nines trampled this poor colorful creature.
no one is quite certain at this hour, but this may have been a rare species of butterfly now deemed extinct thanks to the flip flops of a young attractive female turned b-fly murderer!!

its just too much..give me a second.......

with all that on our minds and hearts tonight, we still found it in us to return home and focus on the 3 years of beauty, craziness, sweet tooth and wild abandon that is eliana seay.
happy birthday elle!

long live the butterfly,

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