August 20, 2007

Belmont Foundation

this is a note from the belmont foundation, donald miller's mentoring program for boys growing up without fathers.its a beautiful organization.please read below and consider how you might partner with them in the future.

Dear Friends, Since our last correspondence with you, I am happy to report that the Belmont Foundation has begun its mentoring efforts in Portland, Oregon. This is an exciting time for us as we begin to develop long-term relationships with children who are growing up fatherless. One of the boys we are now working with, Evan, has seen a great deal of hardship in his 7 years of life. His father passed away when Evan was an infant. Things quickly spun out of control and he and his mother ended up homeless on the streets of Portland. Through help they received from many organizations, they now have their own apartment. Evan is in school and his mother is working diligently to keep things together. The Belmont Foundation was able to help them with rent and one of our mentors will soon be taking Evan to get soccer cleats and enroll him in fall soccer. Our prayer is that, through the Belmont Foundation, Evan will have a lifelong friend and role model who will be there from his first soccer game through his graduation from college, his wedding, the birth of his children and for years thereafter. The heart of God is a Father's heart. We want to be the flesh and bone that expresses God's heart to Evan, and to thousands of other young men who are begging for validation. As always, thank you for reading this note. It means a great deal to us that so many of you have responded with emails, phone calls and prayers of support and encouragement. Please continue to remember the Belmont Foundation and feel free to send this letter to others who might be interested.
Wade Trimmer
Executive Director

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Guys, thanks for posting the Belmont Foundation newsletter on your blog. It means a great deal to us and the kids we serve to have your support.