December 22, 2007

Three Days Until Christmas


its 3 days until christmas and there's no sign that santa will grant my holiday wish of a 4 week trip to europe or my request to visit the international space station sometime in 2008.

big man, get to work.

while most have slowed down this month, rsb has been working overtime to bring music to new fans across the country..oh and to bring world peace, of course.

many of you know that American Idol has included RISE in several of their ads airing on Fox during the holiday season. All of us in rsb land are thrilled beyond belief!

There is one little problem.

rsb is not quite in the same league as say...Carrie Underwood, Ruben Studdard, or Justin Guarini (okay, maybe justin).

because of our low profile, we're afraid that the fine folks at FOX and the rest of this great country may not appreciate what great fans and support we have.

enter YOU.

you can help send the word to the country and all at American Idol that this little band from texas might just have reason to stick around and make some music for years to come.

3 days to christmas -- 3 days of rsb support:


visit iTunes and purchase the new album GIVE YOURSELF AWAY and/or the song RISE. You can even select to gift the album and send it to a friend or family member via email - perfect for a christmas gift for that crazy uncle of yours.

this is such a cool feature and is the best way to show your support of the band and its involvement with American Idol. We are currently #15 in the christian charts. Help us get to #1 on christmas day, what do you say?


our single SONG OF HOPE is still climbing the radio charts and we need your help! call your radio station and thank them for playing RSB. if they are not currently playing the song, be kind in your request that they consider adding to their station.

Also, add the song to your ringtones and ring away!


blog, write, call, email, text..

whatever your medium of communication is this holiday season - let people know about the RSB ads on Fox during the holidays and encourage your friends to purchase the album via iTunes.

okay, so its not world domination we're plotting here - but in our little corner of the music world, these 3 tiny easy steps could go a long way in helping us make music for years to come.

merry christmas from rsb and thanks for your support in 2007!


December 21, 2007

...merry christmas...

christmas time is upon us and what says merry christmas like a quartet of dancing robbie seay's?
your dreams fulfilled, your holiday wishes granted.
dance on my vertically challenged look alikes.
your life will never be the same, no doubt!
oh..and merry christmas from all of us in rsb land.

click HERE to view the quartet splendor...

December 14, 2007

American Idol & rsb??

i know. i know.
we're having a hard time believing it as well.
i mean i've spent many a night trying to dance like Justin Guarini & sing like Ruben Studdard - neither worked out too well, mind you - but never dreamed we'd be a part of the new season in some small way.

The fine folks at American Idol are playing RISE on their new commercials promoting the upcoming season starting in January - and we're thrilled about being a part of the ads!
What? No my uncle does not work for Simon Cowell, why would you say that? anyway...

seriously, you can see for your own eyes.. click on the link below:

Be on the lookout for the spots, airing on FOX (of course) throughout the holidays.
There's even a moment when the band name and song title flash on the screen. crazy!

Thanks to everybody who has emailed or called to let us know they saw the commercial.

If you see it, please comment on the blog and let us know.
with love from all in rsb land,

HOPE, COFFEE & MELODY Christmas Offer!

its december in houston.
christmas time.
and tomorrow it will be 80 degrees.
global warming, no doubt.

However, many of you are enjoying a white december already - sipping egg nog by the fire in your cardigans while listening to the christmas classics of bing crosby.
we salute you. we do.

but for those longing for something different - ditch the egg nog and bing crosby and replace them with rsb and coffee.

its the HOPE. COFFEE. MELODY christmas offer from your life long friends at the rsb store.
here's how it works:

the GOODS - 3 cd's (GIVE YOURSELF AWAY, BETTER DAYS (sparrow), BETTER DAYS (indie)
1 T-SHIRT of your choosing,1 STICKER and1 half pound bag of fair trade COFFEE! ALL for just $50.

the HOPE - a $5 donation will be made in your name to LIVING WATER INTERNATIONAL, an organization devoted to bringing clean water to people around the world. (visit to learn more about LW and how you can get involved)

the COFFEE - we're proud to partner with Taft Street Coffee in Houston to support Fair Trade Coffee and the farmers who work hard to grow such great coffee beans. I promise you will love this coffee and will be supporting farmers who are paid fairly for their labor.

the MELODY - we hope you enjoy the new album (Give Yourself Away) and both Better Days albums. Oh, and so we're clear -- the better days albums are different, containing 6 different songs that make owning both cd's unique.

Not to worry, we still have cd's and shirts for sale individually and are happy to offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders in December.

Merry Christmas from all of us in rsb land.

November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

we had a great time in Seattle with the Christian Musician Summit.

thanks to Bruce and Matt for bringing us all the way to the Northwest!
it was good to be there with Tim Hughes and Lincoln Brewster, great guys!

where ever you might be, we hope you enjoy Thanksgiving.
eat some turkey for us!


October 26, 2007

Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)

our friends at A WORK OF THE PEOPLE have put together a video in conjuction with the PEP folks that talks about the issues of prisoner reform and education initiatives that are talking place in Texas prisons. To check out the video click here.

we are huge supporters of PEP and are proud to lend a song this video piece.

i would encourage you to visit PEP's website ( and read how you can get involved and support what these guys are doing. its amazing!


October 12, 2007

i met some great folks in north carolina last week that you guys have to check out. my friends at five sided coffee are producing organic locally grown coffee and giving any profits away to several key missional causes around the world. the coffee is great and this company is benefiting the poor with its proceeds. check them out at btw, if you are connected with a company of any kind that is seeking to produce a great product, pay fair wages to workers, and use there entrepenuerial skills to benefit the poor - please post a comment and tell us about them. its important that we all support companies like this as we strive to join a missional movement that will bring about whole change in the world. blessings everybody, robbie

October 11, 2007

here are some more photos from the road.
don't forget to tell your friends and enemies alike about the shows later this week..
in jacksonville FL, ormond beach FL, and Wetumpka AL (just outside of Montgomery)
we'd love to see you or anybody that you remotely know at the shows!

October 10, 2007

rsb is still alive.
we've just gone through the longest 9 days on the road that we've ever experienced and are still breathing.

i'm laughing out loud on the plane right now as i head back to Houston for a few days off.
Just thinking of all that seemed go wrong for us is hilarious:

saturday- dan misses the flight due to pneumonia. we were left scrambling for a drummer in the atlanta area and found a new friend in COLE. He showed up and played the entire set without sound checking or rehearsing with us at all! he was great - thanks cole!

monday- drummer # 2 shows up in atlanta. the great TANK Lisenbe from Houston arrived and has been fantastic. He is now referred to as MR TANK on the road with all the boys. tank pretty much lays down the fat beats and gives the kids what they're after -- rock and roll music.

tuesday- Brandon is driving the van around midnight when our lights begin to fade to black. the van dies in a small town east of chatanooga. we make it to the wal mart parking lot and tried to fix it ourselves (uh..musicians and car repair - bad combo). we get hotel rooms there and replace a bad battery in the a.m. in time to hit the road about 9am.

wednesday- two hours after departing the first breakdown, #2 hits while driving through Nashville. this time we knew it was the alternator. we pulled over on a side street thought for sure we'd have to cancel the INDY show. After approaching an elderly man who was fixing his own car, we bought an alternator, replaced it with our new friend and fellow musician JOHNNY, and made it in time for Indianapolis.
the stories from the old guy are classic!! we'll be posting audio soon of our conversations with the J man.

thursday- bad traffic in chicago had us running way late for the milwaukee radio interviews (sorry FISH crew) but we did stop at culver's (is that right? i can't remember) and that was a great hamburger.

friday- early morning flights had us wiped most of the day but spending time with my brother chris and pastor rick mcKinley from portland was great for all the guys.

with all that's gone wrong, its been one of best weeks of the band's life.
we've met so many great folks in Milwaukee, camp hill, maryland, d.c., atlanta, Indianapolis, north carolina, and south carolina.

thanks to everybody who's come out to the shows this week.
its been a joy to meet you and have you share this music with us!

with love and need for a nap,

September 28, 2007

The new album Give Yourself Away is available now and you can purchase it though the new SNOCAP store on the RSB myspace. You can go to our myspace to preview the new album in the music player, and then purchase whatever tracks you want directly from the SNOCAP store below. Check it out!

September 21, 2007

i had no idea.
my friend matt maher sent me this pic.
he says its my catholic clone.
who knew

September 20, 2007

on tuesday night, we joined our friends in aggieland for BREAKAWAY.
this was some random display of the pres and first lady enjoying an atm tailgate party or something.
i had to join in the fun.
we'll be back in college station next tuesday night at central baptist.
come join us.
good day.

September 17, 2007

robbie here.
we've been jumping up and down excited for weeks now about the response to the new album "GIVE YOURSELF AWAY"
thanks to everybody who purchased the record, told friends about the record, tatooed RSB on their ankle, etc..

we've been traveling a lot over the last month, and though we loved playing the new music and meeting many of you fine folk - its been very exhausting for us.

i'm writing today to ask for your help.
there are several things that you can do that will be huge in sharing the music of rsb with more people than ever

you game?

here goes:

1. purchase the new album
. seems simple, but means so much to us and hopefully you'll enjoy the new music
if you own a copy, consider purchasing the album on itunes as a gift. you can actually purchase the rsb cd for 7.99 as a gift for someone.
click on BUY ITUNES GIFT on the main page to find out more.

2. help us spread the word
rsb has always been a WORD OF MOUTH band.
we're not real flashy and rock starred out.
we're just normal guys and most folks here about our music from friends.
this is where you can play a huge role
consider the following:
emailing your entire address book
blog about rsb
tell your church, student group, college campus group, etc..about rsb

*remember 3 things: , 7.99 on itunes (includes a bonus track with the SHANES), and a cd can be purchased at

3. come see us
we'll be traveling all over the country over the next year
check our site or myspace and make an effort to come say hello and hear rsb live
brandon heath is our guest this fall and you don't want to miss him as well

thanks everybody
this is an exciting time for all of us and we're glad to have you in the family!

September 14, 2007

RSB Fitness World 2007

after two long weeks of cd release events, rsb is back in houston.
we've had a blast playing the new album so far and are preparing to head back out very soon.

as i traveled last week, my wife called with 2 demands : take her on vacation and exercise more.

and so, i just returned from a 2 mile jog and i feel as if the world will soon fall upon my head.
i know this may just flat out shock most of you, but ... i'm out of shape!
i got these new shoes, you see, and i was thinking maybe they would provide the competitive edge that i needed as i prepare for a 5k run that my wife has signed me up for.
i just need to run more, pretty basic i guess.

so here's what i'm asking: how can i pass the time better as i run?
surely some of you fine folk have some good advice for a poor lad like me
do you listen to music? do you daydream? do you count steps?
i don't know..i'm just looking for some help here, people

much love from rsb fitness world 2007

September 4, 2007

Dallas show TOMORROW!

hey everybody.
i hope you avoided most tasks of manual labor on this labor day.
rsb enjoyed a few days off but we're really excited about tomorrow's show in DALLAS.
we'll be at the village church, 7pm and tickets are available online at and at the door.
of course our songwriting pal, Brandon Heath, will be with us again.

If you live in Dallas, have friends in Dallas or have ever heard of the metroplex at all - help us spread the word about wednesday's show.

blessings and hope to see you all at some point during this fall tour,

August 30, 2007

Update on all things RSB

friends. republicans. democrats.
the last week has been eventful for all of us here in rsb ville.
broken toes, broken down van, larengitis, and a new city every night has taught us one thing:
sleep is good. we've brought our little rock and roll show to some of the great towns of houston,tx and we've had a blast playing the new music.
so here's a few things for you, our lovely friends scattered across the globe:

be listening for the new single "SONG OF HOPE" on a station near you.
if your station is no playing the song currently, email them and request it.

visit iTunes, your local music store, or to purchase your copy of GIVE YOURSELF AWAY. remember, if you purchase the album on iTunes for 7.99, you'll receive a bonus song featuring SHANE & SHANE - available only on iTunes.

don't miss your chance to see rsb live with our good pal Brandon Heath. His song "I'M NOT WHO I WAS" is currently the 1 song in the country and the show thus far with him have been great.
visit or myspace for all the tour info

many of you have asked for them and we finally have a few of the t shirts for sale at
visit the website and browse around for new merch items, including of course, the new album and shirts.

thanks everybody
we're excited about this fall and want you to be a part of all that's happening.

August 27, 2007

West Texas- we love you

west texas - we love you.
for those of you who don't know the vast landscape of tumbleweed and windmill - its home to some of the great small towns of texas.

midland, abilene, lubbock - you're in our hearts.

snyder, weatherford, lamesa - you're practically a part of the family.

and yet we're obligated to head back to houston - beginning the week of cd release shows tonight in Lake Jackson.

some of the highlights of the week have included:

chase breaking and mutilating his big toe (see photo..ouch!)
my voice cracking his its way through the set in midland due to a cold (not good - sorry midland!)
our new friend jerry nettles bringing the rock and roll guitar to the rsb extravaganza.
talking live on air to a british radio station as we traveled through west texas and barely interpreting their thick british accent - they did sound really though!

here are a few reminders to you of all things rsb:
tickets are available on for several of the cd release shows next week.

the new album is available next tuesday Aug 28th in stores and of course on the ever lovely and convenient iTunes (7.99 + exclusive song w/ Shane and Shane)

thanks for stopping by.
have a wonderful weekend.

west texas - we love you.
for those of you who don't know the vast landscape of tumbleweed and windmill - its home to some of the great small towns of texas.

midland, abilene, lubbock - you're in our hearts.

snyder, weatherford, lamesa - you're practically a part of the family.

and yet we're obligated to head back to houston - beginning the week of cd release shows tonight in Lake Jackson.

some of the highlights of the week have included:

chase breaking and mutilating his big toe (see photo..ouch!)
my voice cracking his its way through the set in midland due to a cold (not good - sorry midland!)
our new friend jerry nettles bringing the rock and roll guitar to the rsb extravaganza.
talking live on air to a british radio station as we traveled through west texas and barely interpreting their thick british accent - they did sound really though!

here are a few reminders to you of all things rsb:
tickets are available on for several of the cd release shows next week.

the new album is available next tuesday Aug 28th in stores and of course on the ever lovely and convenient iTunes (7.99 + exclusive song w/ Shane and Shane)

thanks for stopping by.
have a wonderful weekend.

Attention Dallas and Austin friends!

To all of our Dallas and Austin friends. We need your help! We are thrilled to come to your wonderful city with Brandon Heath to play for you. We would love for you to help us spread the word about the upcoming show. Maybe you can help us out by sending out email blasts, myspace bulletins, or the ever effective word of mouth!? Think you can do that? Here's some info you'll need!


The show is Thursday August 30th at Mosaic(address: 5619 Airport)and it begins at 9pm and the tickets are $10, available at or at the door. For more info please email or


The show is Wednesday Sept. 5th at Village Church. Tickets are $10 and are available through or at the door. For more info contact

THANK YOU! See you soon!

August 21, 2007

RSB Fall Tour-we need your help!

fact: rsb has a new album coming out called "GIVE YOURSELF AWAY" - aug 28
fact: rsb is so excited that they're gearing up for 30+ shows this fall with friend Brandon Heath
fact: rsb needs YOUR help!

we've still got some shows to add to the tour and we'd love to include YOU on deciding where we end up.
If you're willing to partner with rsb and brandon heath this fall on a tour stop in your hometown, contact us today.
colleges, student groups, venues, etc..we're open to many types of events on this tour.
see the dates below and let us know how you can help.
much love from rsb land

friday sept 7th tennessee
sunday sept 9 tennessee OR louisville,ky
thursday sept 27 mississippi or alabama
friday sept 28 georgia - south carolina
monday oct 1 north carolina
tuesday oct 2 east coast
wednesday oct 3 east coast
tuesday oct 9-10 north and south carolina - georgia
saturday oct 13 florida, alabma
sunday oct 14 alabama, mississippi, louisiana

August 20, 2007

Belmont Foundation

this is a note from the belmont foundation, donald miller's mentoring program for boys growing up without fathers.its a beautiful organization.please read below and consider how you might partner with them in the future.

Dear Friends, Since our last correspondence with you, I am happy to report that the Belmont Foundation has begun its mentoring efforts in Portland, Oregon. This is an exciting time for us as we begin to develop long-term relationships with children who are growing up fatherless. One of the boys we are now working with, Evan, has seen a great deal of hardship in his 7 years of life. His father passed away when Evan was an infant. Things quickly spun out of control and he and his mother ended up homeless on the streets of Portland. Through help they received from many organizations, they now have their own apartment. Evan is in school and his mother is working diligently to keep things together. The Belmont Foundation was able to help them with rent and one of our mentors will soon be taking Evan to get soccer cleats and enroll him in fall soccer. Our prayer is that, through the Belmont Foundation, Evan will have a lifelong friend and role model who will be there from his first soccer game through his graduation from college, his wedding, the birth of his children and for years thereafter. The heart of God is a Father's heart. We want to be the flesh and bone that expresses God's heart to Evan, and to thousands of other young men who are begging for validation. As always, thank you for reading this note. It means a great deal to us that so many of you have responded with emails, phone calls and prayers of support and encouragement. Please continue to remember the Belmont Foundation and feel free to send this letter to others who might be interested.
Wade Trimmer
Executive Director

$5 Makes a Difference
Your donation, starting at just $5 each month, makes a significant difference in the lives of the families we serve.
Your monthly donation provides:
Long-term mentoring
Outings with kids
Extra-curricular scholarships
Family support services
Online resources for single parents

August 17, 2007

Check out this new book "Girl Soldier"

this is my friend faith mcdonnell and her daugther fiona.
Faith is the author of a great new book called " Girl Soldier"

She was in town to spend some time with a small group of us in Houston and it was so great to have her and Fiona here in town.

Faith lives and works in DC - spending her time advocating for the oppressed people of Sudan and Uganda - as well as the persecuted church around the globe.
look for her new book in stores now - its a life changing book on how i view the world and my role in it.

August 15, 2007


free RSBwhat's free in life?

not much. maybe - airlukewarm coffee when i get my oil change

this great country of ours

1 bottle rocket when i buy 8

but music?well, all of us here in rsb land have conspired to bring you two free songs from the upcoming album "GIVE YOURSELF AWAY"visit download the free musictell your friends and and mark your calendars for the release date - AUG 28th

we love you all!


Toledo and the Hulk!

i'm just returning from a week trip with my radio friends at emi.we visited 12 stations across the great midwest.thanks to all our friends in michigan, ohio, and kentucky for spending some time with us and eating, and eating, and eating, and talking, and eating some more.i'm beginning to fatten upyeah, that's rightme and the hulk in Toledo, OH i was actually an andre the giant fan back in the dayRIP big man.-rs

August 8, 2007

diapers and family

I'm changing diapers again. I'm not looking for extra credit.

Robbie and Ryan do it all the time. I've moved to Dallas and my wife's little niece, Sophie, requires these changes from time to time. It's been a little while since I've changed a diaper. All my nieces and nephews are grown. You might say it's like riding a bike, or falling of a horse, you just get right back on that diaper and.......... wait, once you learn, you never forget. That's the one.

Anyway, my sister-in-law has MS. for those of you that don't know about that, it's a disease that attacks your muscles and nerves. One day your fine, the next day you lose all feeling down your left side, and you need a cane to walk. It's been tough to see my beautiful sister-in-law go through that much change overnight. [literally overnight] but it's been a beautiful thing to see her family kick in to action. One Grandmother watches her one day, the next day the other Grandma takes her to school. Then the opposite Grandpa pickes her up. Then Uncle Dan comes down and she's terrified. [actually she got over that pretty quick]

God's first line of support for us is our family. It's so important. But fear not if that hasn't been the best thing for some of you, because there is a community of friends as well that chip in when things get tough. I hope and pray that for all who read this.Here's to changing diapers, Lord knows he's changed mine often enough.


August 2, 2007

butterfly killer

my daughter eliana loves butterflies.
today is her 3rd birthday.
naturally, we thought a trip to the local museum would be a good fit given their world renown butterfly exhibit.
the day began well with a stop at lupe tortilla, our favorite restaurant on this lovely planet of ours. so far so good.

well, it went south very quickly.

at the museum, with hundreds of butterflies swarming around the rain forest, my daughter was completly terrified.
as she's dodging these amazing little creatures huddled in the corner, the real drama was unfolding up ahead.
my wife Liz and son Ethan have apparently trampled and killed a harmless butterfly.yeah, killed!!

now, we don't have all the details and i am presuming them innocent until proven otherwise, but i have my suspicions.
i believe my wife's size nines trampled this poor colorful creature.
no one is quite certain at this hour, but this may have been a rare species of butterfly now deemed extinct thanks to the flip flops of a young attractive female turned b-fly murderer!!

its just too much..give me a second.......

with all that on our minds and hearts tonight, we still found it in us to return home and focus on the 3 years of beauty, craziness, sweet tooth and wild abandon that is eliana seay.
happy birthday elle!

long live the butterfly,

July 31, 2007

bad drivers

happy tuesday.
we spent the weekend in dallas with our friends at the heights church.we made that undeniably painful journey down 45 back to Houston on sunday afternoon.
we encountered this guy and i declared his status as motor vehicle operator with a post it note. don't cross us on the road, you'll be next. could you live with such humiliation?

we've got several things that we're very excited about in rsb land.
We'll be announcing them soon so make sure you come back this week and find out the details.
until then, be a safe and courteous driver - unlike 90% of all people currently driving in Houston.

July 30, 2007

my Travis concert experience

i went to a concert tonight.
i don't get to go to concerts much anymore.
i'm somewhat of a loser, lets be frank.

but, on this very night - accompanied by my bass playing pal ryan owens - who unexpectedly purchased my ticket for the show like a true gentleman - i saw one of my favorite bands TRAVIS play in my beloved hometown of Houston.
it was good. like nacho libre reeeeeeeeaaaaaally good.

now we were hoping to share a great photo of the concert with you all from ryan's new fancy iphone.
we positioned ourselves close to the stage so we could get a good angle but before we could snap a shot -- we were surrounded by middle aged women who had a wee bit too much to drink & they were dancing around my friends and i like some pointer sisters reunion tour.

we the back of the hall we went, lounging with the lazy folk and enjoying favorites like 'all i wanna do is rock' and 'driftwood' with the commoners.

so..instead of a lovely pic from up close, you'll get the blurry light cheap seats shot and you'll just have to like it.

running from dancing old women and rocking out to travis,
robbie and ryan

July 27, 2007

a trip to the dentist

i've just returned from the dentist.
i have a great dentist.
dr. cutbirth.
he's been causing me great pain in the gums and teeth region for 16 years of my life.
today was all about taking an old filling out and putting a new one in its place.
it was necessary, according to the good doc, to give me a fat shot in the roof of my mouth.this is not good.
for a skinny white kid with a low pain tolerance, this is not good.
but i'm pushing past the pain with a new filling and outlook on life.
if i can do it, no matter what you're going through, you can as well. (i sound like zig ziglar today - my apologies to the unmotivated of the world)

now to the business of the day.
we've got a new song on the ol myspace starting today, "CANT GO BACK".

i hope you're enjoying the new songs each week.
we'd love to ask for your help in growing our rsb
myspace community.
consider spreading the word for us as we build up to release date on aug 28.

thanks, as always, for your support of this band and music.the personal friendships we have with a lot of you mean a great deal.

with sentiment and half of my face numbed beyond movement,